Walls going  up -Yellow Trail closed temporarily 

Construction of the Claudia L. Workman Wildlife Education Center continues on schedule. Wolf Creek Contracting is laying block and pouring concrete, and heavy equipment is moving in and out. The sidewalk is in place and the parking area has been paved. Visitors must exercise caution when visiting the Natural Area during the construction period and some areas may not be safely accessible.

The contractor and the DNR  will do their best to maintain access to the area as much as possible, but visitors will need to be careful as there may be traffic disruptions and trucks and equipment moving during the day.

Please be sure to obey any cautionary signs and other directions during the construction period. YOUR PATIENCE IS APPRECIATED!


The drawing for the kayak has been postponed until later this year, depending on the resolution of the national health emergency. We apologize for the delay, but will still notify the winner as soon as the drawing can be held.


If you are enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, you can now support the Foundation by visiting, logging into your account and selecting Forks of  Coal State Natural Area Foundation by name or number – LU195.


Thanks to the talented students and community spirited teachers at Boone Career and Technical Center, new habitat has been built for a native bird species that needs a place to live. Chimney Swifts are a beneficial part of our ecosystem because they eat lots of insects, but lack of chimneys and other suitable habitat has led to a decline in their populations.

Chimney Swifts migrate to South America to escape our cold winters and return  in late March. Nesting begins in May and they fly south again in November.

The Foundation collaborated with the Handlan Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club to fund construction of the tower to provide a nesting/resting place for the birds. Since no one in the Foundation or the Bird Club was experienced in building anything like this, the Boone Career and Technical Center stepped up to make it happen.

The tower was completed in August with help from all parties, including Foundation board members Bobby Miller and Frank Coulter.


The Girl Scouts of Troop #1839 have built and donated two bat houses to provide additional habitat for the local bat population. They presented the very well built bat houses to the Foundation at the September 16 meeting. Suitable habitat for bats is scarce at the Forks of Coal. Bats help control mosquito populations, a very important ecological function.

The Foundation and the Scouts collaborated on the installation of the bat houses at the wildlife viewing area near Little Coal River.

Thanks to Carol Stevens of Alum Creek who donated two additional bat houses which were installed at the opposite end of the wildlife viewing area. Our local bats will now have lots of good options for resting and roosting.

A Special Building Fund for the Claudia L. Workman Wildlife Education Center is Now Underway! Click Here to support the center by purchasing your very own personalized commemorative brick for the center and be a part of building a legacy.

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Design Renderings for Claudia L. Workman Wildlife Education Center: Front (above) and rear (below)

Forks of Coal Rear

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Other News: 

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